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Meadowbloom Farm
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Welcome to Meadowbloom Farm - Turning Seeds into Supper!

Growing at Meadowbloom Farm
Our Market
Chris and Sandy Canon bought this lovely farm in 1998 naming it for the abundant blooms covering a four acre field that became the source of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Meadowbloom Farm is located in Washington County, Kentucky near the tiny community of Cardwell.

Today, Meadowbloom Farm sports a state-of-the art energy-efficient contemporary home blending the technology of low-energy usage and great heat storage and fabulous design.  See the Photo Gallery for pictures of the home and the land.

Starting with one plowed up area that first year, Meadowbloom Farm has grown in production area to almost one-half acre.  Now, you might say how small that is, but we plant very intensively and are continually rotating our crops for beneficial soil and land management. 

We live for Spring!  The cold winter finds us plotting and scheming for the new growing year about to commence.  We are really good at spring crops planting over a dozen varieties of lettuce, Asian greens, kale, spinach, radishes, kohlrabi, and other cool weather crops.

Along comes the summer staples of tomatoes and peppers in a myriad of rainbow colors.  Along with melons, squash, beets, potatoes, celery, Swiss chard and more, Meadowbloom Farm also grows over 25 varieties of herbs.  From the ubiquitous basil to summer savory, sweet mace, rosemary, thyme, epazote, culantro (the hot weather cilantro cousin), tarragon, oregano, you can find a new flavor to boost your enjoyment in every bite!

Flowers!  Did I mention flowers?  We can't have a Meadowbloom Farm without flowers!  We have planted waves of color throughout the farm including daffodils, iris', lilies and a plethora of annual flowers.

Our Meadowbloom bees help us pollinate all of our fruits, veggies and flowers and give us lovely sweet aromatic honey each year too.  All working together to make Meadowbloom Farm a fabulous place to work, live and play!
We primary sell to restaurants and caterers throughout the growing season. We also sell at the Lexington Farmers Markets at Cheapside in downtown Lexington or at the Sunday market on Southland Drive in the early season. 

In addition to our grown produce and floral bouquets, Sandy is an avid knitter and her knitted goods of natural fibers can be purchased at the market.

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